Short comics

This page collects the many short form comics that I have written. Most of these will be one-off comics, done for community events or as friendly collaborations with artists looking to flesh out their portfolios. 


Law of the Land

Making Comics -Discord contest 


September 2019

Art by Jacob Fleming

This one page comic was made in collaboration with the immensely talented Jacob Fleming for a community contest. 

I am very proud of this one, which began with the simple idea of children playing make-believe. 

Our entry was very well received, as we managed to win the overall contest.

The contest was judged in various categories.

Our comic came in 1st in Art, Coloring, Lettering, 2nd in Writing & Composition, and 4th in Originality

You might be interested in Nick Macari's article judging the writing of these stories.

ComicBook BlackBelt did a video on the linework of the stories as well!

Mohammed Agbadi judged the coloring, and made a video as well.


First Contact

Untold Worlds, Reddit Community Anthology
Digital 2019

This story was written for r/ComicBookCollaboration community event titled "Untold Worlds". The prompt was to write a scifi story in only 2 pages, and my mind immediately went to the tales of exploration and exploitation of the colonial era. Ursula Le'Guin was a big influence as well in bringing this idea to the space frontier. 

All in all, I learned a lot from this project and I am content with how it turned out. This project taught me a lot about collaborating on a comic project and on leading a creative team. Me and Pat are also hopeful about working together in the future. 

Creative team:
Art: Pat Skott

Colors: Oscar K

Letters: Reed Hinckley-Barnes 

First Contact Page 1
First Contact Page 1

First Contact Page 2
First Contact Page 2

First Contact Page 1
First Contact Page 1