Who am I?

Aspiring Author / Comic writer

A Finnish Master of Theology, former English major, a video gamer and a huge geek in general.

I graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2019, having majored in New Testament studies with a specific focus on cognitive science of religion and ritual studies. I wrote my master's thesis on the ritual meaning and power of Jesus' healing miracles, and explored the academic and cognitive notion of magic. 

I've always loved coming up with ideas and telling stories, playing with the wildest dreams and running away with them. 

I've fallen in love with many different storytelling mediums in my life. From serialized TV-dramas to genre fiction to classic literature to the wild pages of comic books. My dream is to write exciting stories, and currently I am focused on doing that through comics. 

Having recently graduated, I am looking forward to my journey as an author while seeking various other opportunities. So far on my journey, I have been published by a few select indie publishers such as Irrational Comics & Corn Maze Press, and had some short stories made for various online communities. I also currently have 2 exciting stories in development for an upcoming anthology by Arledge Comics, to be released in 2020. 

On this page you will find a few selected examples of my recent work. To see all my work, both published and otherwise, you can find them by navigating the top bar. 


Law of the Land

Making Comics -Discord contest 


September 2019

Art by Jacob Fleming

To be published in YEET Presents #35 in 2020!

This one page comic was made in collaboration with the immensely talented Jacob Fleming for a community contest. Law of the Land will be printed in the anthology comic magazine "YEET Presents" issue 35, coming in 2020. 


I am very proud of this one, which began with the simple idea of children playing make-believe. 

Our entry was very well received, as we managed to win the overall contest.


The contest was judged in various categories.

Our comic came in 1st in Art, Coloring, Lettering, 2nd in Writing & Composition, and 4th in Originality


You might be interested in Nick Macari's article judging the writing of these stories.

ComicBook BlackBelt did a video on the linework of the stories as well!

Mohammed Agbadi judged the coloring, and made a video as well.




The Great Command Meant - Anthology

Arcane Inkdustries

Coming in 2020

Print & Digital pending crowdfunding. 

arcane Inkdustries will present a great themed anthology "The Great Command Meant" in 2020, that focuses on the power and meaning of different commands interpreted through comics. 

I have the great pleasure to take part in this book with a 6-page story titled "Help", in collaboration with the amazing artist Kyle Irvine. Help is a period piece about a British Lord and the bond he shares with his faithful butler. 


Ancestral Homes

Home Sweet Home -Anthology
Corn Maze Press. 
Upcoming 2019 / 2020

Edited by Maize Lovie

Digital To Be Released

I had the opportunity to contribute to Home Sweet Home, an anthology by Corn Maze Press. This autobiographical anthology features a number of heartfelt stories about home.

My contribution is a 2-page script, about my great-grandfather and how his art is a way for me to connect to my past even today. My story is illustrated by the talented Rafael Magat. 

Though our Kickstarter campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, the book will be released digitally soon with the possibility of a physical release at a later date.  



Any inquiries can be sent to my email. I am open to new writing opportunities, collaborations, as well as any related matters. 

For sporadic moments of wonderment, you may follow my social media handles. 

haggcomics AT


"Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one."

Terry Pratchett


©2019 by Joni Hägg.

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